Why Should Parent Choose Our School

Maya Public School

Why Should Parent Choose Our School .........

As you know that growth has two means- one adding years to one’s life, two adding life to one’s years, we at MPS add life to one’s years while growing in our institute.


We at MPS teach student to achieve Excellence, rather success because when you achieve excellence, success will follow.

We at MPS teach child about Male & Female energy.

Wise thinking will always lead to wise parenting.

Creativity & Acceptance are to important facts of a child’s life.

We at MPS helps student to find or create a compass as which way they want to lead his life.

We at MPS helps student as how to handle different Temptations in life.

We at MPS train a child’s mind in such a way that they can understand as what is pain & what is pleasure.

We at MPS make child Proactive rather Reactive.

We believe that if there is no learning there will be power in his/her teaching.

We change the attitude of I can’t to I can…..

We teach students to learn to be successful & satisfied.

We teach student to maintain balance between success & satisfaction.


Maya Public School was established in the year 1990 September 3rd by honorable founder Sri Harish Sharma ji on the banks of Satluj River in Himachal Pradesh (India).